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The Purpose Driven Money System™ 

[explainer video walking people through the steps in the PDMS process]

Our Purpose Driven Money System™ empowers millennial and Gen X families to take the lead with their finances. By focusing on your financial goals and personal values, our process gives your money a purpose.

We go beyond “checking the boxes” to help you create a unique system for your money that organizes your money, prioritizes what matters most to you, and helps you to live a life you love without putting your financial stress in the driver’s seat.

Why The Purpose Driven Money System

Have you tried other budgeting systems or financial plans, only to find you fall off the bandwagon in a few months?

One of the #1 reasons people fall down when it comes to their personal finances is because they aren’t in alignment with their values. 

The solution is simple – you need a personal money system that’s built on your values, not someone else’s. 

The Purpose Driven Money System™ aims to pave your path to financial success by:

  • Creating clarity around your personal values

  • Building a meaningful way to track results based on your goals 

  • Offering action items that align with your unique schedule

  • Collaborating with a support team who is committed to your success

And the best part? The Purpose Driven Money System™ is adaptable based on changes in your life. It’s built to grow and change with you.

Our goal is to help you build a custom financial system that takes the guesswork out of your money management. We see our clients find fulfillment in their financial lives because their decisions are rooted in their big-picture goals – not arbitrary “money rules” set up by an impersonal financial plan.