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In-Depth Planning Services
Addressing Your Wealth & Beyond

True Wealth Program

As a hardworking professional, it’s hard to find time in your busy schedule to sit down with your loved ones to discuss your life and finances. Many individuals and couples find themselves juggling a variety of different wants and needs making it difficult to identify their priorities.

At AVID Advisory and Investment Group, we use a unique process that focuses on your ability to clearly define your top priorities and true aspirations. Throughout 5 sessions together, we will explore many aspects of your life and gain clarity on what is most important. This will be the foundation of your financial plan and the start of building True Wealth.

Begin By Scheduling a Meeting

As Our Process Matures,
The Picture Becomes Clearer

Your core values, preferences and vision for your future become the basis for our analysis and planning. Ultimately, we will provide you with:

  • Our understanding of your vision of an ideal future.
  • Summary of your key values as we understand it.
  • List of your significant goals and aspirations.
  • Transitions to plan for and concerns to address.
  • An action and implementation plan.
  • Collaboration on any adjustments to your plan for success.

After our final meeting, you will receive all of the items listed above, including any revisions and completed exercises. Our program will then move to the Implementation Stage based on the True Wealth package you select.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re ready to begin or still have a few questions about our firm, we’re here to help build your financial understanding. We offer a complimentary consultation for new clients during which time we will discuss your initial concerns, goals and interests.

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