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AVID Chat #61: Can Money Buy You Happiness? Thumbnail

AVID Chat #61: Can Money Buy You Happiness?


The age old question goes: Can money buy you happiness?

In AVID Chat #61, we’re going to talk about whether or not money can buy you happiness from a financial planner’s perspective. More importantly, we’re going to go over how we encourage our clients to “master” their money by looking at it as a tool to be leveraged, and how they can set financial goals to achieve long-term contentment. 

Looking for a quick-reference guide to this video? Check out the following time stamps:

0:24 - Can Money Buy You Happiness?

1:37 - Can A Lack of Money Lead to Unhappiness?

2:46 - Is There a Limit?

5:30 - The Mastery Level of Money

6:51 - Using Money as a Tool

8:56 - Building a Cash Flow System

11:00 - Long-Term Contentment and Money

12:33 - Aligning Your Money With Your Values

The truth is that money *can* buy you happiness, but often not in the way people think. Happiness is a short-lived emotion. In other words, the $20 you find in your jeans-pocket coming out of the dryer may make you happy, but that emotion isn’t going to stretch into the coming weeks and months. The feeling people should strive toward, instead, is contentment. Contentment, or fulfillment, are both long term emotions – and your money can help you to achieve them!

Of course, just striving toward more and more money isn’t the way to feel personally fulfilled or content in your life. Instead, you should work to align your finances with your personal goals and values through an expertly crafted cash flow system. 

Referenced: https://youtu.be/gFMs0IIJPH4